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Pioneer DEH-X9500BT

Endless tunes from endless sources.

Designed to bring the connected lifestyle into your car, the DEH-X9500BT not only plays back CDs; it also plays tunes from your iPod, iPhone, Android Smartphone, USB stick or SD card. A front Aux-in and dual rear USB ports provide portable devices with a direct connection to the tuner's sound system.

Fully Bluetooth-enabled, you can also make hands-free calls, control specific apps and stream audio from compatible devices. Pairing a Smartphone to your device is a breeze, and Advanced Sound Retriever assures optimum audio quality while streaming.

Enjoy App Control for selected apps. Connect your iPod, iPhone or Android Smartphone* via USB and listen to your favourite music and streaming audio apps.

With MIXTRAX EZ on board, you can create non-stop, club-style mixes from your music, illuminating your dashboard with colour effects based on the beat of each song. Or liven up your in-car entertainment even more by matching the multi-colour, large-DOT RGB display and key illumination to your dashboard, favourite colour or mood.

With a MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier set-up and built-in high-grade audio parts, this tuner takes sound performance to a powerful, new level. If that isn't enough, you can always use the 3 RCA pre-outs to hook up another stereo component, like an extra amp for the front and rear speakers or a subwoofer, for example.

Main Features:
Max. Power Output
AM/FM Shortwave Tuner (24 Preset Stations)
CDs and CD-R / CD-RW MP3, WMA, WAV from CD-R / CD-RW/ USB
Other music devices via the front Aux-In / USB

Front Panel
Flap Type
Display Illumination
RGB LCD Display (large, 3 lines, DOT-type)
Button Illumination
RGB Colour Customisation (210,000 Colours)
Multi Languages
English / Spanish / Portugese
Displays Cyrillic Characters
Music Browser

Find your favourite album, artist or song with Pioneer's Music Browser.
Music Browser automatically reads the music from your SD/SDHC memory card or USB device and lists your tunes alphabetically using audio tag information.
iTunes Tagging


• Protective Case for Front Panel
• 1 x USB cable (1.5m)
• 1 x External Bluetooth mic

The Aux-in allows you to connect external music sources (with RCA outputs.

This means that you can connect your MP3 player or PDA, for example

Direct Sub Drive
Instead of connecting 2 rear speakers, you can opt to connect a subwoofer in 2Ω mode to one of the rear speaker outputs. 70W power will be delivered to the woofer for a powerful bass sound experience, without the need for an extra amplifier.
It's an easy solution for lovers of booming bass.

Wired Remote Input


The Hard Wired Remote input allows you to connect the receiver directly to your car’s own steering wheel remote control.

You can then control your receiver with the steering wheel remote control.

High Voltage Input

By providing a strong signal, with less noise and more definition, the Hi-Volt pre-outs reduce demand on the input circuit of the amps so they can work with lower gain settings, resulting in improved sound quality and a wider dynamic range.

iPod Direct Control


CD Tuners with iPod Direct Control let you control your iPod directly from the CD tuner. An optional connection cable is available

RCA Pre Out

3 (Front, Rear, Subwoofer)

RCA pre-outs enable you to easily expand your sound system.

You can significantly improve your in-car sound quality by connecting extra amplifiers to your headunit, for example.

You could customize your sound system with separate amplifiers for the front speakers, the rear speakers and a subwoofer.

The RCA pre-outs let you create the exact sound you want, with the focus on complete flexibility.

USB Input

2 x USB With iPod/iPhone Direct Control (Rear)

SD Input


Parrot Bluetooth Module
Pioneer Bluetooth Module
Handsfree Telephony
Audio Streaming
Audio streaming enables you to play audio files from your mobile phone (or Bluetooth enabled audio player) via your receiver.
You are able to use the audio streaming and handsfree telephony at the same time, although audio streaming functionalities have no display capabilities.
Voice RecognitionSupported (SIRI Eyes for iPhone4s + 5)
The Voice Recognition feature enables you to say a name or telephone number stored in your phone book to your receiver or navigation system whilst driving.
The system will then repeat what you have just said for confirmation.
The benefit is that you can keep your concentration on the road whilst driving, with direct access to important features.

Additional Bluetooth Features

• Automatic phone book transfer
• Bluetooth Guest Mode

iPod and Android Compability:

iPod / iPhone

• App Control
• iPod Direct allows you to control your Apple-compatible device  directly from your car dashboard.
• Siri Eyes Free
• Battery Charging


• App Mode
• Music Playback
• Voice Control
• Battery Charging

Stereo Functions:

Radio Data System


Radio Data System (RDS) is a system for providing information along with FM broadcasts.

This inaudible information provides such features as program service name, program type, traffic announcement standby, automatic tuning and program type tuning, and is intended to aid you in finding and tuning in to a desired station.


• RDS service may not be provided by all stations.
• RDS functions like AF (alternative frequencies search) and TA (traffic announcement standby) are only available when your radio is tuned in to an RDS station.

Traffic Announcement


The Traffic Announcement (TA) feature lets you receive traffic announcements automatically, no matter what source you are listening to.

For example, if you are listening to an mp3, and a live traffic announcement is being broadcast on a particular radio station, TA will automatically detect the announcement, mute your mp3 and broadcast the announcement as it is being made.

Best Stations Memory

Best Stations Memory scans and memorises the six strongest, clearest stations available on each band.

Auto Alternative Frequency Search

Auto Alternative Frequency Search occurs when the tuner cannot get a good reception, and automatically searches for a different radio station in the same network.

Auto/Manual Frequency Search

Auto / Manual Frequency Search enables you to search for broadcast stations manually or automatically.

The tuner will scan the frequencies until a broadcast strong enough for good reception is found.

PTY Search


A PTY search is performed by program type as indicated in the PTY list (the program types are: News&Inf, Popular, Classics, Others). PTY also provides automatic tuning to emergency broadcasts (PTY alarm).

CD Text


MP3 Text


MP3 Text allows you to navigate your way through MP3 and WMA discs.

MP3 text displays the names of:
• folders
• files
• track titles
• artists
• album titles
• comments and
• bit rates stored on your music discs

Note: MP3 Text Display is compatible with ID3 Tag versions: 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Last Position Memory


Random Play


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